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Latest trends in pool design and safety

Pools are no longer your traditional square or rectangular shape, they have taken on a shape of their own.  Free-form shapes have become more popular and can really enhance the natural environment they are encased in.  Interior finishes have such potential and the materials have changed dramatically.  In the past traditional 6” tiles in basic colors was just about all that was available. Colored tiles, glass, mosaics, Pebble Tec and Diamond Brite interior surfaces are the way to go.  These interior finishes add so much character to a swimming pool and really can make it a focal point to a backyard setting.   Add some great decking, fabulous landscaping, a fire pit or two and you have paradise in your backyard.  Fire elements, such as fire pits, bowls or torches can be incorporated on the edge of the pool or even under a water fall.  Jumping jets are becoming very popular in modern pool design.  This is the use of lights that can be sequenced with or without music and you can also incorporate this with a running fountain.  Envision the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas.  Get the picture.  You also have the infinity-edge pools, which has a higher end and a perimeter overflow. It is a very interesting design and incorporates the endless water edge and the sound of the water falling, which can be very relaxing.  There is no limit as to the form, design, color and sound of a well designed swimming pool.

A swimming pool is very enticing for anyone, but especially small children.  Invest in a pool cover, which not only provides safety, but also helps keep the water clean and acts as a built in solar cover which helps retain the heat and conserves energy.   The standard safety is to be sure you have a fence that meets safety codes and federal legislation.  Your builder will know the specifics.

How to clean the tiles in your swimming pool

To start with you need to wipe the tile areas above the water line with just a damp cloth or sponge.  This will wipe off the surface easy to reach buildup.  Next you want to gently buff the tile with a pumice stone.  This will remove the deeper building.  Be sure to use the pumice stone in a circular motion.  This will prevent deep up and down scratches.  After the pumice stone spray the area with a spray bottle and then wipe the tile dry.  If this does not meet with your satisfaction you may need to use a power washer to remove remaining calcium buildup.  Be careful with the power washer and be sure to read the directions.  Wipe the tiles again with a clean cloth.  If you use the pumice stone on a regular basis you will not be tormented with heavy duty cleaning and your tiles should look good all the time.

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