Maintenance Water Treatment

Maintenance and water treatment are one of the most important factors for maintaining a beautiful and enjoyable swimming pool. The chemistry needs to be correctly balanced to ensure safety for swimmers. If your chemicals are properly maintained then you will save a hundreds of dollars a year on maintenance. The key to maintaining your swimming pool is letting an expert who understands the chemistry involved in creating a harmonious chemical balance and a safe enjoyable swimming experience.

– There must be a proper balance of Chlorine which is an agent that dissolves in your swimming pools to mix with the bacteria and other organic matter to kill and protect from harmful contaminants.

– The type of chlorine used is key to your results. There are 3 separate types of chlorine sticks that measure 3″, tablets that measure 1″ and a granular type of chlorine. Your pool professional will be able to determine which method is best for your pool.

– Your swimming pool professional will also determine which method of distribution will serve your pool the best. Some of the options are automatically dissolving tablets, a floating chlorine feeder, or a chemical feeder which distributes small doses of chlorine at timed intervals. You must make sure a professional advises this process because if not properly administered you can lose very expensive pool pumps and filters.

– A pool professional also knows the right recipe for keeping your acids in harmony. Cyanuric acid (CYA) is found in the chlorine tablets but must be maintained by a proper pH test. If the chlorine and CYA are not in balance then there could be sanitizing issues.

-Proper pH levels are even more important than the chlorine itself. You need to maintain the pH of 7.2 – 7.6 which equals the pH of human tears. Proper pH can also ensure that swimmers do not get red eye or irritation from the chlorine and acids.

Power washing your pool

Power washing is done as a possible alternative to acid washing.  If the pool has algae problems but is not as sever as the water turning into a dark murky lagoon you can try power washing on your own.  First of all you need to drain the pool.  When the pool is completely empty be sure to put the drain plugs in to catch the water.  All deck accessories must be removed.  You will start by washing down the entire inside of the pool starting at the very top and going town.  As the water goes down the side it will loosen any dirt and debris from the sides and force it to the bottom of the pool.  Be sure to put on boots before you enter the bottom of the pool.  Bring a rake and plenty of trash bags.  Rake up all the debris that was washed to the bottom.  Discard the trash bags.  A commonly used power wash concrete cleaner is 532 Concrete Cleaner.  You can find it at most hardware stores.  Fill the power washer, set the pressure of medium to test how well the walls take to the pressure.  For stubborn stains and grime you can raise the pressure.  You will need to clean the pool deck and the inside of the pool with the nozzle aimed at a 90 degree angle.  This angle will force the dirt to lift up and fall to the bottom.  Do this in sections and spray for a few seconds on each spot for optimum results.  Leave the concrete cleaner mixture on the walls for about 10 minutes.  The final step is to empty the pressure washer and refill it with clean water.  Spray over the entire surface again.  When you have finished drain the pool and prepare to refill it with clean water.

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