Besides the fun of a swimming pool you can also make it something beautiful with the right accessories.  A few of different types of fountains you might consider.  The flower fall fountain is fun and it attaches to the side of the pool away from the filer and automatic cleaners.  The fountain has a tulip shaped flower on the top and shoots an ever so elegant 15’ spray with 20 two tiered jets.  The result is a falling double cascade of water.  Another option is a floating 3-tier fountain, which obviously shoots 3 tiers of water and is adjustable from 7-16 feet high.  This fountain is easy to install and is not only a beautiful spray of water but can also be fun.  An outdoor shower is a nice touch to rinse off the chemicals from the pool and most attach to your garden hose.  Lighting up the pool area at night with outdoor candles can be a great touch for parties or just to relax at night.   You can also choose from floating lights, LED fountain, underwater colored lighting or even a floating garden of beautiful colorful lighting.  You can even install your own light show with a dancing fountain.  A diving board or water slide is a fun addition to any pool.  Consult with your pool professional regarding the type, length of the slide/board and the depth necessary to avoid injury.  There are many slides to choose from and you can make your own pool like a commercial water park depending on the type of slide you install. Ladders and handrails make it easy for you and your guests to enter or exit the pool.  A lot of the fun items to enjoy in your pool include a variety of floating mattress or loungers or even chairs with cup holders. There are so many accessories you can add to your pool to enhance it and make it an oasis of beauty and a place to relax and enjoy any time of the day.  You can also surround your pool with decorative fire bowls or even a fire pit off to the side.  At night the fire bowls really add flair of beauty.

Fire Features and Fiber Optics on your pool

Fire can really be a cool feature to add to your pool experience.  There are many different types of fire pots that can be used as decorative touches on the edge of your pool.  You can also use fire pots to enhance the corners of an infinity edge pool.  The fire pot not only adds a distinctive touch but also adds warmth.  There are companies that offer unique gas burning lines that shoot fire up from the water.  Fiber optic lighting can turn your pool, spa or waterfall into an incredible nighttime light show.  The Fiber cable transmits only light, no electricity and placed in just the right spot on a waterfall or around a boulder design could be just spectacular. The use of distinctive lighting in the pool is another amazing way to light up your new pool.

Water walls, Water Falls

After the design stage for your pool and the excavating has been complete a shallow space for the waterfall needs to be placed inside.  Inside the basin is where the waterfall is constructed this creates a large shelf inside the pool basin.  This is necessary to prevent the loss of water.  Waterfalls add additional beauty and a serene sound to the enjoyment of your new pool.  The materials are generally artificial rocks with a combination of real boulders and rocks.  There are many different designs and just use your imagination as to how you and your pool professional would like to see the final result.  There are several different types of waterfalls.  There is a ledge waterfall, which has intentional ledges protruding over the pool and allows the water to cascade in an almost translucent layer of water into the pool.  As the cascade hits the water it creates a white, almost wave cap in the pool.  The rocks are built up into layers with one or several protrusions that allow the water to fall.  A natural rock waterfall looks levitra sale like a natural formation of rocks as low or as high as you would like it built.  The water comes through the holes in the rock formation and cause more of a pouring effect into the pool.  Boulder style waterfall is crated from manmade rock formations that are carved to look like 2 or 3 or 4 natural boulders. The water comes through the same way as a ledge waterfall.  The water flows over the boulders into the pool.  Flagstone waterfall is designed and built using stacked flagstone.  There is a small pool above, which dispenses a layer of water looking like a smooth translucent sheet of water dropping into the pool.  The possibilities are endless with waterfalls.  You can have an entire wall with several offset ledges that drop the water into the pool.  You can also have streams of water dropping from evenly spaced blocks that disrupt the flow of water as it leaves the upper pool area.  Another option is a water wall.  This is an entire wall of decorative tile, marble, granite, stainless steel, etc.  This design encompasses a pump and catch basin.  The water is pumped to the top of the wall and a steady solid flow of water goes down the wall into the catch basin.  This is a dramatic play on color, light and sound.  The basin area can be plain and full of stones or the ledge can have floral decorations or even fire pots. You can add color, lights, and even some fire pots to add something a little more dramatic.  Some pool professionals use 3d software to design the waterfall and make sure that the placement of the above pool and the areas that the water cascades from are just perfect.  A negative edge creates a clean and more modern look.  It is the same premise as the water wall.  There is a pool vessel containing water, which flows evenly over all the decorative edges into a basin where the water is pumped back up into the pool.  You can have a Jacuzzi in the middle of the pool with a ledge of cascading water into the pool and then the negative edge cascading into the basin.  You can set stones or flower pots on the corners to define the edge or just let it flow.  A stone stack is a cascade set in motion by flat stones layered in a creative design.  The water pumps through the nooks of the layered stones into the pool or Jacuzzi.  The design is usually a low stack of stones, just enough to add a wonderful design and a peace full waterfall sound.  A power show is both beautiful and function.  The water spews from tubular stainless steel with a therapeutic force to provide massage to the neck and shoulders.  This design is mostly used in a hot tub, which is set to a comfortable temperature.  Relax and enjoy the feeling.

Swimming Pool Lighting

Now that you have this magnificent pool design you need to consider what type of lighting you prefer.  A well designed, and well-lighted pool can truly be a desert oasis.  You can choose from simple lighting to something seen in Las Vegas.  There are several different types of lighting to consider.  Incandescent lighting provides the strongest and brightest lighting.  The electrical connections are completely safe and are contained in a waterproof fixture that is sealed and secured to the pool wall.  LED lighting is fascinating due to the amazing auto color synchronization.  You can really light up something spectacular.  LED’s come in a variety of colors and even light shows, they also use less energy than Halogen or Incandescent Lighting.  They can run for up to 30,000 hours verses about 1,000.  The watt usage on the LED is about 50 verses 150 for Halogen or Incandescent.   The LED are also “green” since they use 100% the their energy to produce the light.  GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is required on all pools and spas to protect from electric shock and should be tested monthly.  Since the light fixtures are sealed you should have your pool professional change them.  It can be tricky.

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