Swimming Pool Safety

More and more swimming pools are being built annually due to the enjoyment they present.  And yes, there is nothing like jumping into a well kept crystal clear pool, or relaxing on a raft on a hot summer day.  However, with the pleasure comes upkeep and safety.  Safety is the number one issue for pool owners.   Government figures show that in 2010, 300 children under the age of 5 drowned in a home owned swimming pool.  State and local codes for pool fencing may vary, however these are a few safety tips that need to be adhered to.   Install a fence that is up to code for your state.  Do not install a chain-link fence, as it is easy for a small child to climb this type of fencing.   The fence must completely surround the swimming poor and be a minimum of 4’ high.  Some fence systems are equipped with an alarm to warn you when the door is opened.  Do not keep patio furniture, chairs or tables in or around the outer fenced area.  These items can encourage small children to climb on them and get over the fence into the pool area.  Also, the locks on the gates should be self latching and open outward with latches that are out of the reach of children and alarmed for additional safety.  You should never swim alone, get used to the buddy system for your own safety.  If children are in the pool be sure you are alert at all times and that there are plenty of adult swimmers for the number of children in the pool.  Keep all floats, toys, balls etc out of the pool area so as not to tempt small children to get into the pool area unsupervised.  The pool fence needs to be away from and separate from any play area around your home.  You may also consider a rigid pool cover in addition to the fencing.  Be sure to have rescue items such as life preservers, shepherd’s hook and you want to be sure to have a phone or portable with you when at the pool, just in case you need to call for help.  A power safety cover can also be used in addition to the fence and gate. A nice safety accessory is an in ground pool alarm system.  The detector is attached to the side of the pool and can detect objects 15lbs or more that fall into the pool.  The sensors are made to disregard wind and rain.  The signal can go up to 100’ away and has a remote to receive the alarm sounds in your home.  If you have anyone in your pool make sure there is someone in the pool area that can swim in case there is a problem.  With proper safety guides, equipment and awareness your pool can be a safe and fun place for everyone.

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