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Algae Clearing (“Green Pool”)

Swimming pool owners often come across the issue of having a green pool which is caused by green algae. The result is a pool that looks like a green slimy mess because algae has started to grow along the walls and the bottom of the pool. This is a big problem and can cause further harm to the equipment that is supposed to keep your pool clear and inviting. Many owners try to take on the task themselves and end up wasting their money on chemicals and time on  arduous labor that could otherwise be avoided by selecting a professional at Two Brothers Pool Cleaning service. We take pride in our knowledge and expertise on this very common problem. We assure you that we will take care of the problem the very first time.

Pool Chemical Evaluation, Monitoring and Adjustment

In order for your pool to remain safe for swimming the chemistry must be maintained properly. This takes chemistry knowledge and experience to get right. Two elements that go into his process are the levels of the chlorine and maintaining the proper PH levels. If the PH levels are off your pool water could become cloudy and murky which can look horrible and also make a swimmers eyes burn or become irritated. The chlorine level is another issue that must be perfectly balanced so that the swimmers are not harmed by this toxic chemical. When chlorine is administered properly the pool remains clean, clear and safe for people to swim in. Two Brothers Pool Cleaning service have the expertise, experience and knowledge to make sure your pool chemistry remains in a harmonious balance.

Removal of Pool Debris

Debris in the pool is just part of having a pool. You can get debris in the pool from landscapers that have been blowing leaves, a dust storm, or from insects etc. If you have small children there is always the possibility of miscellaneous debris in the pool. If the debris builds up it makes the pool very uninviting. Debris removal keeps your pool looking pristine, safe and a pleasure to be in. The pros at Two Brothers Pool Cleaning service have the knowledge and experience to keep your walls scrubbed clean, the bottom vacuumed and the surface properly skimmed.

Acid Washing a Pool

Acid Washing is not part of your routine maintenance this must be done by a pool professional.  If your pool starts to take on the look of a dark greenish black lagoon you need serious help.  The need to acid wash happens when the water in the pool is setting for a long period of time and the necessary chemicals and maintenance are not performed consistently.  An acid wash is necessary to actually remove a layer of plaster from the walls.  Also, if you have a hard time being able to see the bottom of the pool, or your have consistent algae problems, then an acid wash is probably the answer.  An acid wash done by a professional consists of draining the pool.  As the water level starts to lower the sides need to be scrubbed and all the obvious debris, leaves, etc need to be skimmed off.  Once the pool is empty the pool professional will wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles and a ventilator to protect them from the fumes.  A mixture of muriatic acid and water is sprayed on the walls of the pool in sections.  Never pour water into acid, the safe approach is to pour the acid into the water.  After the section of walls are hosed down wait about a minute for the acid to work.  The walls are then scrubbed with an acid brush.  After thorough scrubbing the walls are rinsed and then you can go on to the next section.  This process is continued until the entire pool is acid washed.  When you are finished the acid wash water in the bottom of the pool is neutralized with 2lbs of soda ash for each gallon of acid used.  The neutralized water is pumped into a storm drain using a submersible pump.  The pool is rinsed one more time and the water is pumped out into the storm drain again.  The pool is now ready to be filled with clean water.   This is a tedious task and depending on the size of your pool can be very time consuming and must be done with care.  If you keep your pool clean hopefully you won’t have to take this extreme route to clean it. 

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