Swimming Pool Spa Repair and Refurbishment

We can help to transform your current pool into the pool of your dreams. You can many times rehab and refurbish a current pool to save time and money. You can ensure that your pool remains a refreshing and relaxing experience through proper maintenance and cleaning schedules. Having the right people with pool expertise can protect your investment.

Pool Repairs

Now that you have that wonderful swimming pool you have to take care of it and know when to call for help. Be sure to maintain your pumps and filters on a regular basis.  Keep the pool clean by skimming the top often to remove the noticeable floating debris.  If you have an automatic cleaner be sure to check the bag daily especially after a storm or heavy rain and be sure the unit is operating properly.  Check for damp areas around the pool, which could indicate a leak.  Keep the tiles clean above and below the water line.  Cleaning the tiles could become a monumental task if it is not kept up.  The lining of the pool, weather concrete, vinyl or fiberglass each has its own upkeep.  Even though fiberglass is a very sturdy material it reacts to chemicals, which can cause unsightly discoloration.  In the worst case an acid wash will be needed.  Vinyl is a durable material, however it can tear.  Repair small tears immediately, because large tears may necessitate replacement of the entire vinyl liner.  Concrete is the mot durable of the three however it can crack.  Cracking is more of a concern in colder climates where you have a hot summer and winter freeze-and-thaw conditions.  Small cracks can easily be repaired, however large one will probably require resurfacing the entire pool.  Cracks or tears that are not taken care of immediately can result in major over hauling of your pool and possibly even the system itself.  Don’t hesitate to call in a professional to make sure the work is done properly.

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